A Little About Me...

Being raised on a farm, you learn just how important working with your hands becomes. There was always some kind of job to be done, from feeding the horses and cows to shoveling manure out of the stalls to hauling hay into the wee hours of the night. I have always loved serving others and working with my hands. I have had a myriad of jobs from being a waitress at Golden Corral, to working in the Tire Lube and Express department at Wal-Mart to becoming a deaf educational interpreter in the school district with kids as well as in the worship assembly to my friends. With all of these wonderful jobs, I loved every single one of them but was still in search of my one true passion.

For 10 ½ years I have held the position of billing clerk, sitting behind a computer performing doctor billing and patient collections. I really enjoyed what I did and had a terrific boss who worked with me since my husband and I have young kids, but the stress and pain in my shoulders from sitting all day was becoming unbearable.

To go along side this, I have worked with chiropractors since I was a junior in high school until present and have always loved the way the body functions and works together to heal from the inside out. The amazing creator has made our bodies so intriquite to have so many funtions and abilities that we need to care for our bodies as God would have us do.

I have wanted to become a massage therapist for some years and when God opened wide the door for a wonderful opportunity to attain my schooling and achieve my goal, I followed my passion.

I have always personally enjoyed being on the receiving end of a massage since it totally rejuvenated my whole body as well as helping with all the soreness of my muscles that I attained from sitting in front of a desk day in and day out, to driving and just being a mom. God has blessed me with strong hands to work with and so I have always loved giving amateur massages to so many of my friends and family who told me quite often “You missed your calling!”

Well, as God would say in Philippians 2:4, “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interest of others.” NKJV

So as of 2017…… Here I am; ready to serve and get to know each one of you!