Start Detoxifying Your Body For Better Health

Detoxing the body is a safe and natural way to be healthier. Scientists and doctors are now acknowledging what our ancestors instinctively knew...that regular detoxification restores better health. The skin is the largest organ in the body. Through our pores, it plays a major role in the detoxifying process. Sweat carries toxins out of the body and flushes them through the pores.

When the core of the body is heated to approximately 110 degrees the tissue cells are rejuvenated, fat cells purge hoarded toxins and the immune system is boosted. This false fever also benefits the skin, digestion, metabolism, muscle tension, oxygen absorption and aids in the increase in serotonin production (which makes us more relaxed).



Jenn's Hydra-Surge Facelift Facial

Wellness Benefits:
- Provides relief from sinus pressure, TMJ and migraine pain due to muscle tension and lymphatic blockage
- Restores a natural glow to the face and neck
- Improves skin elasticity and collagen production

Facial + Massage 60 min $80
Facial + Massage 90 min $115
Massage + Facial 90 min $120
Facial + Massage 120 min $155


Far Infrared Heat Therapy


Wellness Benefits:
- Boosts immune system and metabolism while burning calories
- Improves skin health and the appearance of cellulite
- Relieves muscle and joint pain as well as stress and fatigue while increasing mental focus

Naps, Snoozes and Massage on the Infrared Mat

"The Rip Van Winkle" $60 120 min
"The Total Snooze" $30 60 min
"The Power Nap" $15 30 min

Infrared during Massage Session $60 30 min
Infrared during Massage Session $105 60 min


Detoxifying Body Treatments


Body wrap $75 60 min
Himalayan salt scrub + Body wrap $100 90 min
Massage + Body Wrap $150 130 min
Massage + Himalayan salt scrub + Body wrap $185 150 min