Policy and Office Procedure


Cancellation Policy

It is very impactful when people don't keep their appointments.
Rescheduling or cancelling at the last minute will leave an open slot that could have been filled by someone else who needs in. There's only so many hours in the day. One of the biggest reasons you experience long wait times at doctors’ offices is because they must double and triple book to make up for the people who do not show up for their appointment. In a massage business there is not an option to overbook to remedy the scheduling issue. Each appointment time is designed for only one person. 24 Hour notice is required for rescheduling or canceling. No Call/No Shows will be charged full session price.

A service fee is required if less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel or reschedule an appointment unless someone else can take the scheduled appointment time.

Late cancellation service fee:
30 minutes $35 ~ 60 minutes $55 ~ 90 minutes $95

"No Shows" will be charged full session price.
Gifts will be partially honored with a late cancellation or null and void if there is a "No Show".

~Pay online for missed sessions~



Office Procedure

  • Please silence cell phones and speak softly upon entering the office. There are multiple therapists working in the office and schedules are not mirrored. In most cases at least one therapist is in session at all times.
  • Proper draping is maintained, with every client, at ALL times. If a client is uncomfortable for any reason, the therapist should be informed. If uncomfortable, a client may ask to end the session and the therapist shall comply immediately.
  • No suggestive remarks or actions will be tolerated. The therapist shall end a session if this occurs and the full session price will be required.


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