A Little About Me...

When I Was Young

One of my earliest memories is the elephant room at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, in Dallas. The smell of popcorn still reminds me of that place!
When I was three, the doctors diagnosed me with having a form of cerebral palsy. The motor function, reflexes and feeling just on the left side of my body was hindered. I went to physical therapy weekly for a short achilles tendon that kept me walking up on my left toes. At age eight, I had surgery to lengthen my achilles and learned, through many more hours of physical therapy, how to walk 'heel to toe'. I still have a floppy foot because my left calf muscle never developed the way it should have but besides a little desensitized feeling on my left side I have done everything the doctor said, at age three, I would never do. Run, swim, ride a bike...I really showed them!

Then I Grew Up

After going to school for business, working for a couple years at a software company, then in New Orleans at a fine boutique ordering everything from personalized stationery to Mont Blanc pens ...I began to realize sitting behind a desk was not at all for me. I had always been an outdoorsy kind of girl riding four wheelers, motorcycles and running cross country (you bet I did). I needed to get off my tuckus and find my true calling.

After moving back to Denison in 2002, a simple question was asked by my mom, "Have you ever thought of doing physical therapy or massage?". Physical therapy, no. Years with my own physical therapist were enough. It's just not fun. I didn't think people would be super excited to see me if they were recovering from, say, leg surgery and I had to make them walk on it; however, I had thought of massage therapy before. Helping people get back to where they feel the best would just be amazing!

Needless-to-say, I started massage school immediately and was finished within four months. I had finally found my calling! A profession that let me be social, active, use my business knowledge AND my strong fascination with how our bodies work. My awareness and sensitivity of our anatomy and physiology was enhanced by all my personal experiences with my left side.

The Wonderful World of Massage

I began renting a room at West Martial Arts Academy. Doing massage on weight-lifters, martial artists and folks with major muscle tension and stress was the best learning experience I could have had in the first three years of my practice! When West moved to Sherman I decided to stay downtown, since the majority of my clients were not just athletes but nurses from TMC (then on that side of town) and business people working downtown. I continued to learn and grow in my new found niche. Since then, I've moved across town (near the new TMC) and expanded to a bigger office suite finding like-minded bodyworkers to work alongside me. Our BWC team and clients are like family. It's an awesome way to spend my days! I've been blessed to be able to serve the community with care, conviction and pride.

My mom always said I was going to be a teacher, nurse or missionary. Well, with massage therapy I have learned to educate, rehabilitate and use my God-given gift to promote health, both physically and spiritually.

I've found that many people just need to be still to mend physically, emotionally and spiritually. The world is too fast! Getting outside in nature, or even a quiet room, helps ground us so we can let go of the stresses of daily life. The calm, comfortable environment that we have created can facilitate that simple stillness we all need in our lives. That's the reason for our motto "Support for Body, Mind and Spirit".

Ecc 7:29- See, this alone I found: God made human beings straightforward, but they search for many complications.
Matt 6:34- Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.



"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." C.S Lewis

"The only difference between a window and a mirror is a thin sliver of silver! No sooner than you add the silver, you cease to see others." Unknown

-Never let someone tell you that you can't do something wonderful!
give of your Time, Talents and Treasures