Since 2002, Jennifer Knowles, LMT, CST surrounds herself with like-minded massage therapists to serve the community. Working side-by-side, but independently, the professional team of therapists at BWC focuses on the science behind how the body heals from injury and stress. The goal is to begin listening to our bodies better and trusting in our innate, God-given "inner physician".


"Become actively involved in the everyday aspects of your own health and wellness...

Bodywork and massage therapy can provide you with relief from tension and stress due to work and every day life, as well as advanced modalities for chronic pain disorders and sports injuries.

Sessions are specially customized for you and your therapeutic requirements. So, welcome to your personal oasis for the bodywork, massage and all-natural skin treatments your body needs."

- jenn


There are licensed professionals sharing the suites.
Text or call them for questions and to check on openings.
For the best appointment them, in advance.

Online gifts are avaliable: