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Michael Alexander, LMT MT114060


BWC Sports Massage Policy Changes


Each year I go through a process of reevaluating my business policy and procedure to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the services I provide to my clientele. After review of this past year I have discovered a few changes that need to be made. Two hour time slots are great to address many issues at one time; however, it limits the number of people able to receive help during the week. This becomes especially impactful when people reschedule, cancel or no-show at the last minute thus leaving an open slot that could have been filled. One of the biggest reason you experience long wait times at doctors’ offices is because they must double and triple book to make up for the many people who do not show up to their appointment. In certain businesses such as massage, cosmetology and nail salons there is not an option to overbook to remedy the scheduling issue.

Though two hour session times allow me to truly address the issues at hand, it limits my ability to help as many people as possible, go home before 9:00pm (when I begin at 8:00am) and have time with my family. Longer session times with no breaks are also taking a toll on me physically. For this reason, I am going back to industry standard scheduling and BWC office pricing. Any prepaid services on file before the effective date of the new policy will be honored at the current policy expectation (up to two hour session.)


If less than a 24 hour notice is given to cancel or reschedule an appointment, a service fee will be required unless the scheduled client can find someone to claim their scheduled session time.
No Shows will be charged full session price. If there is a prepaid card on file, it will be punched. If not, the full session price will be owed on the same day as the missed session.

~Pay online for missed sessions~


Appointment length and pricing

  • 60 minutes - $85
  • 90 minutes - $125
  • 120 minute - $170

Massage types

  • At BWC, pricing is based on time not massage ” type” or “pressure”
  • In my practice, the primary focus is on sports/rehab massage and is not typically a standard full-body “Swedish” massage. (If you would like to have a standard medium to deep tissue full-body “Swedish” massage, please specify when scheduling.)


  • Please speak softly and silence cell phones upon entering the office. There are multiple therapists working in the office and schedules are not mirrored. In most cases at least one therapist is in session at all times.
  • Proper draping is maintained, with every client, at ALL times. If a client is uncomfortable for any reason, the therapist should be informed. If uncomfortable, a client may ask to end the session and the therapist shall comply immediately.