A Little About Me...


My Background

Growing up I was always drawn to healing professions but in the “real world” struggled to find a job I felt matched my passions. I have worked varying jobs but when I finally slowed down and sought out what I actually wanted to spend my time doing that brought me joy and true fulfillment the answer was massage. I have been an athlete my whole life, I went to school at Tarleton State University on a scholarship as a Cross Country and Distance Track athlete and graduated with a degree in Communications/Journalism after many changes of my major. After graduating, I realized that being a journalist was not where my heart was, so not knowing what to do next I began soul searching for what it was I truly felt was my calling. I worked in many areas that reflected my interests: health food stores, outdoor supply and camping equipment shops, nursing homes due to my love of the aging population, and many other places but none of them were quite right for different reasons. With the words of regrets of those I had cared for in nursing homes in my headpushing me forward I relentlessly kept searching for what would make me feel as though my days were fulfilling to me instead of floating through life just getting by.

Finding My Passion

I began coaching as an Assistant Cross Country and Distance Track Coach at Austin College in the Fall of 2015 and after many years of coaching and working odd jobs I finally began to see a pattern in my jobs. All of my jobs were centered around active pursuits, fascination with how the body works, helping others, and many of them involved hands-on components. I knew as an outdoors and active lifestyle enthusiast whose favorite activities include long distance running, camping, rock climbing, lifting weights, yoga, playing sports and other related things I never wanted to sit behind a desk. I also knew that what makes me feel the most fulfilled is helping others in every way possible and encouraging them to be their best selves. Finally, the pieces came together, doors I never could have imagined opened up and I found everything I was looking for in a profession in massage therapy. I look forward to my job every single day, I have found my calling.

Life as a Massage Therapist

I am constantly challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to grow in every way possible to bring my very best self to each session with my clients. I enjoy learning and have been blessed with many opportunities in this field including base massage training at Ke Kino Massage Academy, continuing education learning cutting edge sports massage that I currently use working with professional athletes two days per week, Lymphatic Drainage training from the Chikly Institute, and plans for many more modalities to be added to my toolbelt. In May of 2020 I will graduate with a Master's Degree in Exercise Science from Texas A&M University Commerce.

I firmly believe that massage is a valuable tool in the growth of a person in every way and I am enough of a science nerd and avid reader to enjoy discussing those benefits with anyone who asks. I strive to not only provide physical relief and performance enhancement to my clients through advanced sports massage work, relaxation, corrective work and lymphatic drainage but also to educate them in ways that hopefully address the root of the issues that are happening. I look forward to joining my clients on their path of healing, everyone has a story and everyone has something I can learn from them too on this beautiful journey of life. Thank you for reading part of my story, I look forward to hearing yours.


“Remember where your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” Paulo Coelho