A Little About Me...

I became a massage therapist almost 8 years ago. As with many, there is a story that led me down the path of health, wellness and massage. My best friend lost a 2 year battle with stage 4 mastetic breast cancer. I was privileged and honored to be her care giver during this time. As one can imagine, with such an advanced stage of cancer more times than not the doctor would leave us with bad news of it either spreading or another surgery is imminent or chemo again… hair loss again.


With this kind of news, we would often find our way to the nearest spa to massage away our fears and worries and be in total bliss even if it was for just 24 hours. I remember like it was yesterday seeing her beautiful smile when she would come out of a session. It brought her such joy. As the cancer advanced to her brain, she would call me late some nights and ask me to just come massage her head, it seemed to be the only thing that brought her comfort during her final days.


Upon losing Becky, I was suddenly at a loss with my own future and what it looked like. I knew that my current job in sales had run its course and did not speak to my heart. So often, in the loss of a loved one, God brings miracles to those who have lost. God showed me clearly my next journey was going to be in health, wellness and massage. Of course, this did not come over night, but with many quiet conversations with God it became crystal clear getting my massage therapy license was what he was calling me to do. Little did I know that it would catapult me into a journey of learning more about how to preserve and protect our bodies, minds, spirits and hearts.


I met so many wonderful people in my classes. The experience of the 8 months in massage school is just the beginning of how I have changed my outlook on life, health and wellness. My journey to date has been filled with helping others relieve pain, stress and learn a little better how to take care of their body, mind, spirit, soul and heart. WOW! How blessed I am to have the opportunity to touch the lives of others.


Through God’s blessings and gifts, I am doing what I love. I have learned many modalities, learned how nutrition plays a vital roll in preserving our bodies, have become a certified personal trainer and have taught and learned the value of exercise. I have even learned that the perfect combination of massage, eating healthy and exercise can and will change our life!