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Package Pricing Can Save You Up To 25%

Massage is not simply a “break/fix” practice for when you are stiff and sore. Regular massage is a great tool for good health. Massage keeps the muscles loose and pliable when you need them most. It prevents injury and promotes proper blood and lymph flow. No different than getting your oil changed in your car, massage keeps things moving smoothly if done as scheduled maintenance.
For your convenience, package pricing can be for you alone, shared with family/friends and also include some gift certificates:

Can you imagine a better gift for your loved ones, co-workers or employees than the gift of health?


Massage Package:
Can be broken up into 30 minute sessions

(4) One hour massages
(8) One hour massages
(12) One hour massages

Normal Rate
$ 300
$ 600
$ 900
Discount Rate
$ 255
$ 480
$ 675
15 %
20 %
25 %


By purchasing your sessions up front, you can schedule a regular appointment time that works best with your busy schedule. That time will be yours whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. We offer discounted rates to encourage you to come in not only when you hurt, but BEFORE YOU HURT.
When you feel well, you live well!

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