A Little About Me...

My name is Josh Carmichael. I'm a native Sherman resident born at Wilson N Jones and went to Denison High School. I was active in the Denison Touch of Gold band and played drums through my senior year. I was an avid martial artist from the age of 8 and loved to learn as much as I could about my art. After High School I went to College for computer technology and worked in that field for eight years before finding my calling in massage therapy.


I found that the high stress world of I.T. was not where I was destined to be and the amazing teachers at Texas Center for Massage Therapy in Richardson, Texas set the path before me to become the therapist that I am.

Both of my parents are Physical Therapists and my mother is a certified nutritionist, so the health field is in my blood. They've inspired me through the years to do what I love and I've found that what I love is helping people in whatever way I can. My time spent in I.T. was on help desk support so I could help people with their computer issues. My focus in massage is to help my clients find relief for pain, tension and stress as well as try to correct the function of their muscles. Through the use of swedish massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage and a strong anatomy knowledge base it is my goal to provide the massage you need so you can have the relief you seek.


I believe the mix of eastern and western philosophies is essential to provide balance to the body and peace to the mind.