Welcome to BWC Massage Therapy


Since 2002, BWC has been serving the Texomaland area with a passion to promote balanced living, provide bodywork therapies in a tranquil setting and help clients achieve their health and wellness goals.


"Become actively involved in the everyday aspects of your own health and wellness...

Bodywork and massage therapy can provide you with relief from stress and tension due to work and every day life as well as advanced modalities for chronic pain disorders and sports injuries.

At BWC therapeutic sessions are specially customized for you and your therapy requirements.

Welcome to your personal oasis for the bodywork, massage, detoxification and all-natural skin treatments your body needs."
- jenn

There are three massage therapists that share the BWC suite.

Feel free to check on daily openings, yet for the best appointment availability contact them a week in advance
. Clients have to cancel or reschedule, at times. Let the therapist know if you want to be contacted for any cancellations.



Support for Body, Mind and Spirit